Be prepared for the next chapter of your life story

None of us ever know where we are in our own “life story”; the challenge of today may lead to the glory of tomorrow…life pushes us around in unexpected ways; one path disappears just as another reveals itself.

(This observation comes from the directors of Fiasco Theater’s truly brilliant production of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, pictured above. See it if you can – it’s lots of fun.)

We know not what new paths will reveal themselves for each of us in 2012, but we may as well get prepared. This busy season, I offer you just a few questions to mull over with the wine. They should give you some ammunition for advancing your own life story towards glory – when you’ve recovered from your New Year’s festivities. Here goes:

    *When you are referred to someone professionally, what do you think is said about you?

    *When you go into an interview, how much do you know about the person you are meeting and what they are looking for?

    *When you are asked what you do, what do you say?

    *When you work with a client, how much are you thinking “I have to sell what I have”, and how much are you thinking “How can help her?”

    *When you send out your resume, do you believe in it? Are you proud of it?

    *When you look at your career so far, can you picture all the things you’ve done that you are really proud of – large or small?

    *When you have a hard time getting started on a new project, is it because you have made it too hard for yourself?

    *Are you keeping good records on all the people you work with, work for, meet – who might someday be the connector you need to the job you want?

    *Are you aware of what competitors in your field are doing?

    *Do you make a point of finding out what other people do and who they work for?

    *Are you able to express why you are unique – how your professional life story is unlike anyone else’s?

I am excited for all of us to see how life will push us around next year and what new paths will appear for us to take. Onwards to the glory of tomorrow!

All the best for a terrific holiday season and a fantastic 2012.

Michael Pollock