All is not lost! Some good words from clients

Dear reader: you are not alone in your current concerns. I have been hearing the word “scary” from more new clients than ever before.

But all is not lost! No really. Here are some recent comments from my clients that may make you go aahh:

“We accomplished everything I set out to do – this was to put my skills and experience into an interesting and unique resume that sets me apart from other so I can get the interview. It’s already working and I’m getting a few calls – and it’s because of my new re-vamped and unique resume. Everyone I have sent my resume to has said it’s different, quirky easy to read and really interesting.”

“You deal with creative people and we’re all a little “out of the box” so to speak. This is a great start to a new beginning.”

“Whenever I have spoken to my friend (a former client of Pollock Spark), in the past months the conversation always arrived at you and your talents for helping one see the forest for the trees. (My friend) is a testament to that. I have seen his many moods from rage to euphoria at any given peak or trough of his career. Yet it is the past year that I can truly say he has a sense of clarity and purpose – at peace with his talent and his drive. Because of that he seems unstoppable.”

See – I told you – there is hope for us all. Keep up the good work.