Amazing show of art from the Republic of Congo

I was in Paris in October. After basking in the spectacular view from the roofdeck of the Arab Institute and of course some fine sweet Arab pastries, we went to an exciting show of contemporary art from the Republic of Congo: Congo Kitoko, at the Fondation Cartier.

From 1926 to today, it shows clearly how a very distinctive style of figurative painting has evolved in Congo – with political and social overtones and with a terrific sense of style and flair. I would love to show you so many more pieces from this show, and expound on the context and subtext – but maybe you should just go and see it for yourself. Here are just a few.


Monsengo Shula Ata Ndele Mokili Ekobaluka (Tôt ou tard le monde changera) © Monsengo Shula


JP Mika. La SAPE,© 2014


Kiripi Katembo, Subir, série Un Regard, 2011  Collection de l’artiste © Kiripi Katembo


JP Mika, Kiese na Kiese, 2014 Collection Pas-Chaudoir, Belgique © JP Mika