Ask yourself 12 important questions

1. What is the single thing that I do that solves my clients problems?

2. What is the business goal I have set for this coming year?

3. What are the obstacles preventing me from achieving this goal?

4. How do my clients see us relative to our competition?

5. Do I have as much repeat business as I should have?

6. How many new clients do I plan to get in the coming year?

7. How much time each week do I spend reaching out to potential clients?

8. Are my team members working well together?

9. What are my competitors doing?

10.What is the next big opportunity for my business?

11.What changes are taking place in the way my clients work?

12.Are there any glitches in the way our operations are functioning?

13.Am I having fun yet?

Okay so that is thirteen questions – you get to pick which one not to answer.