Bailout Schmailout. Opportunity knocks.

While the fetal position does have its appeal right now, I am suggesting that you set aside just an hour a day for that simple comfort and use the rest of the day more productively.

This is an unprecedented season of opportunities. Look at how Warren Buffett plays it. He seizes the moment and makes inexpensive investments in Goldman Sachs and GE. Barclays leaps on bits of Lehman and so on.

Things are going to be up for grabs. Weaker companies will close – yes even creative businesses I am sorry to say. Talented people will become available. If you are a business owner now is very much the time to be aware of what is going on around you. If you are paying attention you could snap up some strong people who find themselves to be suddenly available. If you are a talented artist or craftsman you can offer your services to the companies who are still playing and looking to the future. These are the ones you want to be doing business with or working for anyway.

So seize the day to scout for these opportunities and move swiftly when you find them. You read that MBA applications are way up – that’s because these guys are not hiding their head in the sand – they are retooling and rethinking.

You should be too.