Basic Presentation Tips

It never hurts to restate the things that we all know but don’t always remember to do.  I recently turned up these old notes from an Edward Tufte presentation. 

Tufte’s Presentation Tips
1. Show up early.
2. Early on in the presentation, tell your audience what to expect from you.
3. Give everyone in the room a piece of paper, such as detailed evidence of a point you are going to make.
4. AVOID OVERHEADS.  (Today = Powerpoint?)  Use them only if you are showing very complex information.
5. Never apologize.
6. Practice and rehearse.  (do both I guess!)
7. If you use humor, it should be directly relevant to the target at hand.
8. Don’t use the singular male as universal; use the plural “they/them” instead.
9. Finish early.
10. Be very careful when answering questions. You’re often judged solely on Q & A.   If a question requires a long answer, you may be better off answering it privately, after the presentation.
11. Don’t be afraid to show pride in what you’ve done (often accomplished thought your gestures)
12. Drink a lot of water. (Public speaking and flying are the 2 most dehydrating things you can do.)

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