Be proactive in developing your career

Don’t wait for new challenges promotions and adventures to come to you – go out and seek them.  Put yourself out there. Make your own luck.

Here are some ideas about being proactive that you can twist and spin for your own situation.  Make them manageable for you, because if you try to bite off too much at once – you might never get started.

1.    Go to an industry event or meetup.  People who go to these want to meet new folk, so it’s easy to get networking. Some will work for you, some won’t: ask about other events and go to them too.

2.    Start a creative project of your own.  Blog or DJ or paint or make a film or write a screenplay or a business plan.  Tell people about it so that they, and you, can see that you have the goods.

3.    Look for companies you’d like to work at, even if they’ve no openings right now.  Network your way to someone on the inside.  You’ll be amazed at what you can learn and whom you will meet.

4.    Look at requirements in interesting job postings and see if there are any classes you should be taking to improve your skill-set.

5.    Get in touch with people you haven’t talked to in a while: ex-clients, former colleagues.  Tell them what you are up to (see #2).  Get together to talk about their challenges and where the business is headed.

6.    Remember those companies that said they would keep your resume on file in case anything else came up? Call them and tell them what you are doing and why they need you.

7.    Be a connector.  Actively bring people together who can help each other.   Make sure you ask them to post you on progress. Eventually, when you least expect it, you’ll be surprised at what these connections will give back.

8.    Be a thought leader in your field and share your wisdom on the business/social sites.   Dig up information that is outside the box. What are people in your field doing in France, in Indonesia, in China?

9.    Volunteer. I have heard of excellent business connections, and friends, being made on Habitat for Humanity construction projects.

Okay that is a few things to get you thinking. See what other ideas you can come up with.  Challenge yourself to do one thing a week, or a day, and see what happens.