On making proposals

Clients so often want you to tell them what your work will cost before they really know what they want you to do. They know they have some kind of problem and they want you to solve it. And that’s if you’re lucky! Or worse, they tell you what the solution is and you know […]

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Clients are nervous

Lots of clients are nervous by nature. If you give them exciting, original creative work then you probably make them more nervous. Many of them also have layers of management above them who make them even more nervous. It is so often down to you to keep them calm and help them get comfortable with […]

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Testimonials for pollock spark

Our clients have told us: “pollock|spark has helped us enormously in moving our business forward, both inside the organization and outside.” “Marketing was key to continued growth, but we didn’t have the time or resources to apply to it. We needed pollock|spark to be the catalyst for our thinking as well as to drive the […]

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