Your career: a voyage of discovery



Many creative professionals are not only doing what they are doing now – but their minds are naturally trying to figure out what they will do next in their career. Will it be a natural progression from where they are now.  Will it be in a new firm, or developing a new idea, or creating their next work from new materials, or applying their skills and experience in a more productive or responsible field?

For a creative and enquiring mind (a must-have!) the fun is in finding out which path or paths to start down.  This exploration is your own voyage of discovery, and it will continue throughout your career. (Unless of course you are aiming for the dreaded title of “hack.”) Your discoveries will keep you stimulated, thinking, motivated and smart.

But where and what will be your next chapter? You can’t know all the options, and that understanding can be paralyzing. In this holistic everything-is-connected and there-are-no-rules world, you could find that your next stage will find you working on something you have yet to discover; or you may repackage your experiences and successes and dreams so that you can convince someone to pay you to follow this new path.

I suggest to many clients who are embarking on this voyage of discovery that they look for more than one possibility and head out a little way on two or three of their chosen options. That way they can taste the air and feel the vibe and see what works for them. You know that you don’t really know how a new situation or career will be for you until you are into it. So see if you can taste several and feel which ones it makes sense to pursue further. You will likely be surprised. And that surely is the goal of a voyage of discovery – to uncover those surprises and see which ones you like.