Change is energizing and productive. Well duh!

As you may know we have moved. I have been through all my stuff and my methodologies. Why do I have this? Why do I do it that way? What could be done better?

This has been a wonderful opportunity for cleaning out the stables. It gave me the chance to examine and improve and streamline. I am not recommending moving as a fun occupation – but I am recommending finding some excuse now and then for stripping down and seeing what is working and what is not and fixing things up.

Take your technology. You know at the very least that since you last made a technology investment, everything has changed. You may not need to make that change right now – but you should spend a little time figuring out what it means because otherwise when the next upgrade comes you could find yourself way behind – it gets harder to catch up the further behind you get.

And your marketing! Well you know where that could lead.

The other effect of all this is that it takes you out of your comfort zone – your formed habits. This has the effect of making you think and rethink – it is very energizing – nothing can slow your brain down like unthinkingly following the same routes and methods day after day.