Client testimonials and fan mail!

I was asked this month by the owners of a creative firm to suggest some techniques that would work for them. We talked about business coaching, consulting and intensive workshops. They asked to talk to some of my clients to learn about their experiences.

Nice thing happened: when I asked some clients if they would mind talking to this prospect, one said:
“Think nothing of it. I’d be doing him a favor!”
and another said
“But we want you all to ourselves : )”

This firm is now a client and we are working well together using a mix of techniques that suits them.

Fan Mail

Don’t you love getting fan mail? Here are some from last months mailbag. (Surely you mean Inbox? Editor)

“hi michael – you’re a great marketing man. you email is fun, easy to read & inviting.”

“Hi Michael, Great news letter. I would hire you.”

What’s not to like – except for the “would hire you” part. What’s that about? What are you waiting for – the opportunity cost of waiting for things to magically happen on their own can be pretty high.

One new client who just came on board, a film prodco owner, said “I also want your marketing guy.”

“You just got him” I replied.