Our clients tell us…

“I don’t know what Pollock said to (my Exec. Creative Director and my Head of Production) but now they’re managing their work a whole lot better. I thought I was going to have to let them go – but thanks to this we are picking up business again.”

“Michael (Pollock) has a very strong ability to focus deeply on a company and draw out important, often overlooked, issues. Michael has been instrumental in helping us clearly define goals and working towards achieving them.”

“This (coaching) was a terrific experience … Thank you for your creativity, honesty, and insightfulness. You’re easy to open up to. I never felt judged. You were always prepared and able to quote things I had said 2 sessions before. It’s invaluable as a human being to be listened to on that level, and incredibly empowering as a businessman.”

“I said good things about you to your face and I’ll say them behind your back as well. I thought you navigated a potentially difficult internal political situation at our company very well (difficult because of the self-perception differences between the partners), advertised your services accurately and delivered an analysis that is relevant, clear and integral to creating forward movement.”

“Your support and wisdom have already improved our business, and we’re looking forward to continuing the collaboration.”