How coaching is effective: two examples

I like to hear from my clients in their own words how they have been helped. Here are a couple of notes I just received  from clients who are at very different stages of their careers.

1. An early-stage creative professional who, before we engaged, had written:

“I have marketable skills and some experience, but I haven’t been getting responses from my applications so I think that I might be going about things the wrong way.”

After we worked together she wrote:

“(Michael) “Pollock completely revamped my résumé by unearthing the details of my passion, my personality, and my skills. His coaching gave me the confidence to do my best in interviews and enabled me to land the best job I’ve ever had (at Yelp). I couldn’t be more grateful for his guidance and the opportunities it has made possible for me.”

2. The seasoned head of a creative department who was unclear about his future track within his global firm, was referred to me by his HR team. After coaching, he wrote:

“I immediately connected to your non-linear approach to having a conversation. Not only do you understand creatives and our industry but your creative conversational style constantly stimulated new thought paths in my mind that helped me find my own ideas and clarity. Going through the process has given me peace of mind around my current situation.I have a new patience and confidence.”