Coaching results – TV biz client

Here are excerpts from the report of an executive in the TV business who wanted to refresh her career and recently completed a course of Pollock Spark coaching:

Q: What are some of the things that you were enabled to understand or to achieve as a result of our work?

I have a much better understanding of what I’d been doing wrong.  

You helped me figure out who I am professionally and that my identity is potentially valuable to clients or an employer. 

I have  clear sense of what I really want to be doing versus what kind of jobs I thought I should be looking for.

I am able to think about Me and My Experience as “products” and/or “services” that need to be branded and marketed.

I understand the importance of synthesizing my core value to a potential employer/client and how to use that as a frame for an interview and my website.

I learned how to tell stories that distinguish me from other(s in my field).

I learned how to write a shorter, better cover letter that is an advertisement for Me.

Your guidance and suggestions concerning my website were awesome.

It was also really good for me to have deadlines and “assignments” and to have upcoming sessions sort of hanging over my head so that I wouldn’t procrastinate.

Q:  We conducted many of our sessions on the phone – did you find this to be an effective method?  What was good or not good about it?

On the phone versus in person is a bit like the difference between radio and TV.  Radio allows the listener to focus more on meaning, so your brain is actually more engaged in the topic, as opposed to TV which engages brain activity that in some ways is superfluous and emotionally off target.

Q:  Would you recommend this coaching to others?  How would you describe it?

I would definitely recommend it to others.  How I would describe it would be tailored to who the person is, kind of like tailoring a cover letter and resume.  But in general, I will tell people that you are wonderful, brilliant, insightful and that I wish I had discovered you a year ago.