Coaching senior staff

A well-established film production/post production company (identity withheld here, but call if you want to know) had promoted one of their staff to the position of Executive Producer. But the owners were not sure that he was running on all cylinders. He wasn’t even really sure what the job actually entailed.

So they asked Pollock Spark to come in and work with him to discover what he was doing right and to help him with those areas where he was weaker – or didn’t even realize needed attention. They knew that using an objective outsider to do this would be far more effective than doing it themselves.

According to the owners of the company, the results were immensely successful. The EP’s attitude to the job changed: he was more efficient and productive. His bids were better and his relationships with clients were stronger. “Even the CFO was impressed!”

As a result, the owners have asked Pollock Spark to come in again. This time to work with their creative staff to help them focus their talents, develop their careers and sell themselves more effectively.

This client said of Pollock Spark President Michael Pollock:

“Michael has a very strong ability to focus deeply on a company and draw out important, often overlooked, issues. His suggestions for next steps and action plans are excellent. Michael has been instrumental in helping us clearly define goals and working towards achieving them.”