Coaching Testimonial from a Digital Strategist

“With the precision of a skilled surgeon, the creative mind set of a celebrated artist, and a grounded-ness that is only gifted to the very best and brightest, Michael Pollock set to work on helping to shape the professional me. I came to him looking to focus how I represent myself as a leader in my field, and I emerged out of our collaborative process with so much more than I expected. Now I have the the materials to walk my walk and talk my talk–and even more exciting–my contemporaries and their bosses at the biggest tech and creative players across the country have stood up to take notice. So I ask, what hasn’t Michael Pollock done for me? He’s been my rock, my cheerleader, my articulate second set of eyes, my coach and my spark. I have recommended him, and will continue, to anyone who is inspired to change. And I will continue to work with him as I build my career and my business. I would be crazy not to…he makes me a better me.”

Posted on LinkedIn June 6, 2011