More corporate culture amazingness!

Last time in the corporate culture section we had a bit of wonderfully tortured biz speak from the BBC.

This time I was looking at some of its US counterparts to see what they say about themselves. Here are just a few excerpts from their corporate sites. Breathtaking to me in setting the bar as low as they do. Shouldn’t these values just be the price of entry? They have to claim them as special? Well what do I know. Maybe we should all model our businesses on this kind of thinking. But wait….oh never mind…right now I am going to my boss and claiming my Long Service Reward.*

From Viacom: At Viacom, our employees are our biggest stars. We look for the brightest in the business, and we boast a one-of-a-kind corporate culture that empowers our people to be who they are and do their best work.

From NBCUniversal: it’s the people, who are tremendously passionate about what they do. To have this level of energy and determination so deeply engrained in our culture bodes well for the future of this company.

From Disney: Together as one team, we embrace the values that make The Walt Disney Company an extraordinary place to work:
Innovation: We are committed to a tradition of innovation and technology.
Quality: We strive to set a high standard of excellence.
We maintain high-quality standards across all product categories.
To recognize individual efforts, we have a variety of reward programs, including: Quality of Work, Length of Service*, Community Volunteerism, Employee of the Month Recognition
These are just some of the ways The Walt Disney Company commits to providing a rewarding, inclusive and supportive work environment.

* Length of service anecdote: Many years ago, on my first day working at ad agency JWT, I found myself in someone’s office witnessing the handing off of a commemorative clock as a reward to a 10 year veteran. The clock was engraved with the JWT logo. The bonus gift provided by the honoree’s boss was the phone number of a craftsperson who could grind and polish that logo away to leave the clock unbranded!  5 years later I got my own clock. Here it is, logo still in place: