Crisis – or opportunity

I went to Indonesia for three weeks – and look what happened. Fannie and Freddie and Sarah and Lehman and Merrill and AIG – whatever next?

I just got a note from a friend I stayed with on Bali – she’s an economist and a very smart woman: “Just in time for a Wall St crisis, lucky you! You can have the adrenalin, I’ll take the mangoes. cheers!”

But we can’t just sit by and fret. Careers don’t stop. Cash still needs to flow in our businesses. The spoils will go to the people who take this opportunity to get their acts together and polish them, the people who review what they are good at and what their clients need and find just the right way to build their creative businesses. They’ll find ways to streamline operations and focus marketing, and they’ll reevaluate what is working and what is not and act accordingly.

But don’t panic – you don’t have to do this all alone. If you’d like someone experienced and objective to help you through this process and give you the impetus to build your creative business or career – that’s exactly what we do. Drop us a line and schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you.