Do clients hate all sales people?

Q. Do clients hate all sales people? Graphic Designer, New York.

A.Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. But that doesn’t matter because they still value those that help them out.

As a buyer, I have made many calls to sales people that I trust to find out who’s doing what and how to get a particular thing done. If their own wares are not appropriate they can usually tell you where to look for what you need. But that is business. It wasn’t about whether I liked them. It’s more important that they helped me do a good job than that they were nice.

Most importantly your aid and input is crucial to developing and maintaining a strong sales team. You need to give them the ammunition and help them achieve a clear understanding of your brand, in addition to up-to-date information on the clients and projects you are working on.

You will find that all the pieces will work beautifully together once the sales pitches are consistent with the marketing of the rest of the company, and in turn the sales people monitor what the clients are thinking, saying and asking for. They are your strongest link to monitoring your competition and market. Constant briefing and debriefing will significantly strengthen the sales effort.