Do potential clients really know what you do?

A filmmaker recently complained to me: “When they want comedy they go to Jim. When they want beauty they go to Jane.” “So what would they come to you for?” I asked. He hadn’t a clue. And he’s not the only one.

Clients have a specific thing they want to achieve when they are looking for a supplier, and they are looking for specific solutions.

You need to decide what you are really good at, and simply and clearly let the world know what that is.

I just worked with a company to help them focus what they say they do. We carefully developed an idea and a set of words. The CEO told me a week later that he had just come from a pitch meeting that not been going well. Before all was lost he drew a deep breath and used the words we had arrived at: the ones that said clearly what his company can do for a client and why it’s different. Suddenly, the stone-faced client beamed. “That’s exactly what I need,” he said. “Now I understand how you can help me.” They landed a huge job just by knowing who they are and what they do and knowing how to say so clearly.