What we do

pollock|spark will work with you to bring your creative group or business to the next level, strengthening its creativity, not compromising it.

Here’s what we can help you do:

Achieve your vision for your organization
No two creative companies are the same. They each have a different point of view and a different vision of success. Pollock|Spark will work with you to clarify your vision for your organization, make and implement a plan of action and see if we can’t help you make your dreams come true!

Find out how you’re really doing
We’ll evaluate your group or business – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. How are you doing? What’s your competition doing? How do other people think you’re doing? What should you be doing next?

Move things forward
We identify opportunities and evaluate what makes sense for you. We help you chart a course for the future, figuring out how to create new strengths and get you moving on those things you know you’ve got to take care of, but have been putting off.

Help get new clients and keep clients
Like it or not you need a marketing plan (Unless you are the “starving-artist-in-a-garret” type). Do you have a plan? Let us help you with how to keep clients and how to get new ones.

Learn new marketing tricks
Doing great work is the most powerful tool for a creative business. But there are a lot more ways of drawing attention to it than buying an ad. We’ve done guerilla stunts, PR, Internet campaigns, gifts, advertising, word of mouth and parties.

Motivation and team building
Are your people working together well? Let us help you bring them together to do better work and be more productive

Evaluate and manage your team
We can find out what is really going on with your team and we can help you fix things that need fixing. Do you have the right people? How can you help them to do better work? Do they have the right assignments? Are they motivated? What do they really want, what do they really think – they won’t tell you, but they’ll tell an outsider.

Hiring and firing
We’ve found and hired a lot of good people. And fired a few when we had to. Of course this stuff is not easy. A team is only as strong as its weakest link – and it’s not always easy to deal with this when you are part of that team. An independent and objective outsider can help you with it.