What does your next level look like?

I sent this as a special and yes, loving, Valentine’s Day Sparkings dedicated to my clients past, present and future.  I love your ambition, your ideas, your determination and most of all your passion.  It’s our passion that appeals to clients and employers.  Its our passion that appeals to the talented people we work with.  And its our passion that propels our careers or businesses to the next level.  (What, you surely didn’t think this was going to be some sort of sappy Hallmark card?)

But what is the next level?  What does it mean to you?  Of course each of us has our own passion – our own idea of what that next level is. Life is no Prince of Persia where we are all after the same things. There are no cheat codes for us! 

I thought it would be helpful to describe briefly some of the next levels that I am talking about with clients right now.  You may see something that helps you clarify your own thinking as you plot strategy for your next steps. 

What’s your next level? 

Here’s what some pollock|spark clients – all creative professionals – are working toward achieving.  Each of them driven by their own particular passion.

A graphics design firm that has more work than it can handle is charting a plan to manage growth and stay true to its love of design.

A passionate lifelong music lover who is an expert on complex contractual deals is positioning herself for a stronger focus on the music licensing business.

A print journalist is moving into TV to build a stronger platform for her work.

An industrial design firm is focusing and revamping its marketing efforts to get more of the kind of work they love.

A print magazine editor is building her presence as an expert.

A film director has focused the work on the stuff that comes from the heart – and is now signing representation agreements.

An architect with an artistic background is positioning for opportunities to positively affect the urban environment.

A film editing company is restructuring to apply their talents to the changing advertising market.

An accomplished music producer is designing a new business model to realize his vision.

A PR firm’s manager is energizind his staff by passing on to them the skills he has built up over his career – the things that excite him.

All those terrific TV industry folks who respond to my Cynopsis career advice columns are identifying their own passions, focusing their resumes and seeking out just the right job opportunities.