Don’t let your new job title become a disappointment

Just because you like being ECD, or COO or SVP Design Director in one place doesn’t mean that a like-titled job somewhere else will be the same. Just because you feel you should have your boss’s title doesn’t mean you’ll be happy when you get it. Titles on their own tell you remarkably little about the actual job.

If you do get the title but then don’t get to do the work you want, what was the point? So before you grab at a promotion or another job because you like the sound of the title – make sure the work you’ll be doing is work you want to be doing. Make sure the people you’ll be working with are people you want to be working with.

The Creative Director spot in one shop may be the most wonderful gig in the world, getting loads of respect, with the freedom to hire and fire, to choose the clients and to set the tone of the work. The same title in another company may be a miserable situation. The client service team may be holding the reins and barely tolerating the CD’s presence, there may be budget cuts and needy clients with poor aesthetics and an appalling grasp of humanity. You need to ask a lot of questions before you take a new position. You can’t make the call merely on the basis of the job title.