Don’t lose sight of what you have already, in your hunger for what’s next



As creative pros, we are always planning, always wondering what we should be doing next, what’s around the corner. This is all as it should be.  But could we be missing out on the opportunities that are right next to us?

But sometimes – and I see this in myself and in many of my clients – we are so concerned with the next, that we overlook the now. This sounds more woo-woo than I usually am – possibly because it springs from something my amazing yoga instructor says when she has me holding a particularly challenging pose for a bit longer than I thought possible. “This is it,” she says. “Don’t be thinking about when it will end, or what the next pose will be. This is exactly where you are now. This is it.”  And so I am made to focus on noticing what is working and what needs adjusting to work better. Right where I am, right now.

It is good to remind ourselves of where we are now, lest we miss the opportunities close at hand. I work with a lot of clients who are working on their networks, identifying new prospects for their sales funnel, designing the next leaps in their careers. Building skills, acquiring new connections and pitching for new business is part of our life. But do not ignore what you have right now – where things are at present. This place where you are now. It could be that your next product is staring you in the face. Your most valuable growth could be in the form of new business from your existing clients. If you are working in a corporation or business, your own best opportunities for advancement and fresh stimulation may lie right at hand, within the organization, down the hall.

So, as I encourage my clients: always be exploring, exercise your curiosity, expand your horizons. But I also remind them not to forget that exactly where they are right now might be the place to look for their best what’s next.