Employers could be looking for you right now

If you think that to get a new job you have to apply for it, think again. Employers are actively searching for candidates who may not even be looking. So make sure they can find you and when they do, what they find is current and detailed.

I spoke to an Executive Recruiter (I’ll call her Jane) who is a specialist in searching for qualified candidates. “We mainly use LinkedIn. A lot of people don’t want to post their resumes on Career Builder or Monster because their employers could potentially see it. LinkedIn is a way to get around that.”

The Boolean search methodology Jane employs uses three main connectors along with the keyword criteria: AND, OR and NOT. “If you search for strategic AND marketing, then both of those words have to show up. If you use OR, then search results will have to have one or the other. I try to be creative with the keywords that I choose. These words could appear anywhere. They could be in a ten-year-ago chronological entry, or they could appear in skills and specialties.”

Another media business recruiter told me “Creative talent and production searches have an extra level of requirements. I look for the right agencies, clients, types of projects, but their actual range of work and depth can only be evaluated based on how a portfolio is organized. I search portfolio sites and use social media to share my requirements with the universe. This gets me the greatest exposure to both passive and active seekers. I’m highly targeted, so their experience has to be clear in how it ties to an opening.”

Once Jane’s search turns up people who meet her requirements, she looks at their current position. “The job you’re doing now is really important. And the summary is the next go-to. Both should be filled out to the greatest extent. I’m more inclined to reach out to people who have a lot more description in what their position is; and not just the current one, but previous positions.”

She gets in touch to find out if the person is interested. “I pretty much pick anyone who’ll talk to me that I feel is somewhat qualified.” She forwards a resume along with a report on her conversation to the hiring manager. “The resume is really the tool to pass on. So it’s helpful for it to have lots of details.”

Of the two recruiters I’ve quoted here, one is currently working to fill 25 open positions; the other has over 55. So get your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, it could be working for you while you sleep.