Evolution – mine and yours

Excerpted from October Sparkings

Our careers and businesses must constantly evolve to keep ahead. In Pollock Spark’s latest evolution, we have moved to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York. Wikipedia describes the area as “both a haven for established immigrant families and an area of artists and hipsters.” So here we are. Our updated contact information is found here. The photo is taken from the terrace outside my new office.

We continue as always working with Creative Professionals, both as individuals and at their companies, to help them build businesses and careers. October has seen another Careers in Transition Workshop at MediaBistro in New York, with a similar workshop online later in the month, for people who can’t make it in person to our New York session.

I am seeing more people in creative businesses evaluating their business models and wondering what they should do next. The atmosphere seems to have changed over the course of the year, with an acceptance of the “new normal” for now. Professionals are starting to put everything on the table – from selling up, to building alliances and strategic partnerships to restructuring their workforce and focusing their offering.

Many “traditional” creative jobs are getting hard to come by, but I have heard, for example, that there is a shortage of artists in the TV sector who are trained in the latest technologies and the competition is fierce to hire those who are up to date. So consider upgrading the skills you offer in a smart way and you could be golden. This goes for businesses as well as individuals.

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