Executive Coaching: doubts and benefits

I received this note this morning from a client shortly after our session together.  It speaks for itself.

I want to tell you how truly helpful our time was this morning. I was having a “what the heck am I doing here” moment and even berating myself, this is the painfully honest part, for spending my hard earned money to learn something I probably could have figured out for myself.

BUT, today’s session re-motivated me and put me back on track. More than the specifics of the actual project, you knew where I was emotionally and confronted it head on. You helped me remember why I started with this in the first place and reignited my excitement (which you helped to create in our first couple of calls, by the way.) Who knows where the journey will lead but I don’t think I was ready for it to end yet so I’m grateful for your support in helping me to take one more little step forward.

Thanks, Michael.