Executive Coaching for your Firm’s Creative Professionals

Experienced and Effective
Michael Pollock, President of Pollock Spark, has helped many talented creatives in advertising, film, and design firms to deal more effectively with clients, become more strategic, reduce derailing behaviors and build stronger teams. He has built departments at TBWA, JWT and Digitas, so he has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by people in creative businesses.

Specializing in Creative Professionals

Pollock Spark only works with creative businesses. Creative professionals are hungry for what coaching can do, but they say: “The coaches I’ve had didn’t understand me. They may be good for bankers, but they don’t work for me.”

To coach creative people successfully takes someone who really “gets them”. Relationships are particularly fragile, due largely to the lack of absolute success metrics. Success is often based on the taste or opinions of a supervisor or client. This leads to high levels of insecurity, often fostered by similarly insecure managers. Coaching can be invaluable in helping manage these challenges so they can focus on the creative work they are so good at.

Executive Coaching Leads to Sustainable Growth and Change

o “Studies show business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization.” HR Monthly

o A survey of Fortune 1000 clients found the return on investment for coaching services over a 6-12 month period:
• Monetary return was 6 times the coaching investment
• 71% improved relationships with their bosses
• 77% reported improved relationships with their direct reports