What to expect from press releases

As with so many things, you get from them what you put into them. Just don’t expect to be on Page Six because you sent out one press release! But don’t let that put you off. Getting your name out there can lead to real business. Even small press mentions can work wonders.

A client told me about a remarkable surge in calls from people who said they’d seen her company in the trades. Her releases hadn’t gotten her a big feature story, just a series of small items. But these mentions, in several publications, added up to good news for her.

To get these mentions you have to give editors something that their readers will want to read. Here’s a test for your release: would you want to read it if it wasn’t about you? A talented PR person always searches for an angle that’ll get an editor’s attention.

Editors spend huge chunks of their day reading press releases. So make it easy for them. Encapsulate your whole story in the first paragraph. It may not always be great literature, but it needs to communicate quickly and effectively.

And keep the stories coming. Make sure that you’re sending the right stories to the right publication. And don’t forget to make sure that the stories you put out consistently support your brand and positioning!