Getting back to career development after vacation

I just was on vacation for two weeks. To Rio, since you asked.Possibly the most beautiful city in the world. And the music! And the beaches! Don’t get me started.

And when I got back I was so affected by their laid-back, it’s all good, carioca attitude that I had a hard time applying myself to what had to be done workwise. So I hit my mailbox to see what was going on and collect some inspiration. I subscribe to a lot of trade newsletters and mags. I don’t read them all every time, but when I am in need of inspiration they are a great place to start. I recommend this for your own Leap Day kickstart.

I learned that employers are stressing about how to get effective channels to reach qualified new employees. And that in the recent downturn, according to Accenture, 46% of firms added employees because they were launching new products or entering new markets, and 45% of firms needed new skills for future business – the same percentage as those who simply said they were strengthening their workforce. Which made me think that emphasizing your experience in developing new products and new businesses should be a pretty valuable qualification for a job seeker.

And reading a review of the new book by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, I came across this tip which I like very much: “Schedule three lunch dates to take place in upcoming weeks: one with a person a few rungs ahead of you in your industry; one with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while; and one with a person from an adjacent industry whose career you admire. Do this even if you aren’t currently facing a pressing career question or challenge.”

In the next couple of posts I will share some more ideas for getting yourself and your career moving in the direction that you dream of.