Getting hired today: the hive grows itself

Mao as the Sun 2400x1300 px

The trend in company culture is to have everything be transparent so that everyone sees everything. Crowd-sourced evaluations and raises and so on. Actually the self-evaluations transparently shared in some companies and commented on by anonymous co-workers put me in mind of the self-criticisms that were so important in Maoist China.

I keep hearing the word “humble” from recruiters and hiring managers.  “The first thing we look for in a potential hire is humility.” It’s not the quality of their inspiration or their work that comes first, but their selflessness and their relationships with their co-workers.

Candidates are judged on their politeness, their respect for their peers, even on their respectful treatment of the receptionist or bartender at the job interview fest.  They get number grades – data is collected on their interpersonal behavior, their ability to collaborate and support their co-workers.

One company has developed an app on which all current staffers input their numerical reviews of candidates at a  massive hiring shindig.  Whether in formal interview settings, or at the sushi bar or the bathroom – and importantly whether they know it or not, these candidates are being evaluated by multiple staffers throughout an intense and long day.  This data is streamed real time to a control room where monitors update their relative scores.  Hires are made at the end of the day based on this crowd gathered data.  Fascinating. And the more so since this company has a “No Firing” policy – so it is making selections that can’t be undone.

And no I did not make this up. Everyone has input. The hive is growing itself.