Getting through the holidays

I had this exchange today – thought it might be helpful to share it:

Q: Its been two years since I was “reorganized” out of my job. I have been freelancing, but the holidays/ end of year is tough to get through. Any words of wisdom to keep your spirits up now and get motivated for 2012?

A: Many years ago when I was in a corporate position I asked a freelance friend what was the hardest part of that life. She told me “learning to go to the beach. Once I had figured out how to do that things were much better.”
By going to the beach she meant taking time off – not thinking about the networking and the next gig – truly taking a break. Just like vacations from a job job. So I suggest that right now you declare 2011 to be over as far as work is concerned. It’s done. Put a date in your calendar for early January when you will get back to it refreshed and with renewed vigor – and now sit back and enjoy the holidays.
Easy for me to say I know – but give it a try.

And the response: Awesome! Thank you so much for putting things into the proper perspective.
Much needed- thanks for getting back so promptly also- I’m a fan.
Happy Holidays and cheers to the New Year.