How To Get Yourself Motivated

~ ACTIONABLE EXPERT ADVICE ~  As published in Cynopsis Classified Advantage
How To Get Yourself Motivated
by Michael Pollock

A friend reminded me that the 2000-year Old Man used fear as a transportation method: “An animal growls at you and you’d go two miles a minute.” She told me that fear is what motivates her to get to work.

What is it that gets you away from your Solitaire or Facebook or Farmville? You already know your goal is to get a job, grow a business or get out of a rut but knowing why you want that can help kickstart you into action each day. Here are some drivers that could get you off the mark:

Excitement: Is it the thrill of the chase, plotting the strategy, celebrating the victories that get your heart pumping? You’ve got to be in it to win it.

Anticipation: Picture your life when you’ve moved forward on the path to your dreams. So much better than where you’re coming from.

Greed: The Ferrari, bigger houses, the private jet. But material greed is not the norm for the creative professionals I work with they are greedy for awards, peer recognition, new clients and gigs that validate their sense of worth. Use this this greed is good.

Jealousy: Let’s face it, the recognition (surely undeserved!) that others are getting is another valuable driver. But don’t ape them; generate success doing your own thing. Then we’ll see who’s jealous.

Restlessness: One of my drivers. It could be an ADD thing; we just don’t want to repeat ourselves and are more turned on by something new. Figure out how you can shape what’s next. Find a purposeful direction, not just movement for its own sake.

Guilt: This doesn’t usually lead to a good result pick another driver so that you can stop looking over your shoulder. Give yourself something to look forward to.

Curiosity: This is a goodie. Seek out what’s new put opportunities and ideas together in different ways to see what happens. Surprise yourself.

Ambition: But for what? Titles? Riches? Notoriety? If you know what it is you want then you can devise the strategy to get it. I’ve been told it’s all about sex, the biological imperative. That is above my pay grade, but if you recognize that in yourself I am sure you can make it work for you.

What I’m proposing is a moment of reflection so you can pick one or more drivers that’ll get you going in the morning. Once you achieve flow you will be happy and productive whether you are looking for a job or a new career or a new revenue stream or a new client.