How I got to appear on CBS News

On The Importance of Being Out There – and You’ve got to be in it to Win it!

I have been asked how I got to appear on CBS This Morning. Here’s the scoop. Cynopsis Classified Advantage, one of the essential Cynopsis Media newsletters for TV professionals, has been carrying some of my career columns and answers to readers’ questions. Last week they ran the following:

Q: How can I stay in the loop at the office yet not be a part of office politics and gossip?

A: If you are simply talking about the progress of projects and business then I am sure you can meet formally or informally with managers and co-workers to find out what is going on. Ask to be included on email lists or status reports. Pro-actively show interest in developments and contribute ideas and feedback. Being engaged and constructive without threatening anyone’s position is the way.

This was spotted by someone at CBS News and they invited me in. Here is the segment that resulted.