How I Got Here: career path videos

There is no “normal” any more for career paths, so I thought it would be interesting to create a video series called How I Got Here, in which creative professionals talk about the twists and turns it took to get them where they are today – and the opportunities they seized.

Marc Andreessen said recently in the WSJ that “Software is eating the world.” There’s constant flux in the media, advertising, entertainment and design ecosystems we work in. So we are all curious to find out how other people find success – not so we can copy them slavishly, but so we can get ideas and inspiration to advance our own careers. We connect ideas and put things together in our own fresh way. (And let’s face it too, we are nosy: that’s why there’s TMZ!)

So let’s meet our first two creative pros, each of whom told me how they got where they are today in these How I Got Here videos. They are not my clients, they are just good smart people who have something to share that can help us shape our own destinies – which is something we are surely thinking about each and every day.

Wendell Hanes did not always know where he would find success, but success he has surely found. Hear him tell me how Spike Lee and stacking-chairs helped shape his career path.


Cynthia Sin Ye Cheng took her love for wine and turned it into a thriving business as a wine writer and a champagne specialist. Hear how she gets new projects off the ground and deals with the various different threads of her work.

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