How I know this economic mess is all going to work out okay

So here is why I feel really good about the way things are going to turn out. It’s because of what I hear every day from my amazing clients (you know who you are – I applaud you!).

If their commitment to a successful business future is any indication – and I am sure it is – then all across the US individuals and business owners in the creative industry are rethinking and retooling and repositioning and doing what it takes to get themselves launched on the path to future successes.

There is no sitting around and looking for bailouts and blaming the economy here. They are so positive and determined and working so hard. They look at what is going on and see opportunity – even create opportunity. This undaunted energy tells me that between us all we will indeed put our economy back together.

It’s been pointed out that during the dotcom bust Apple launched the first ipod and in the US alone more than ten other disruptive innovations started during the same period. Sam Palmisano, the head of IBM, said he was sure that new leaders would emerge from the current calamity who will “win not by surviving the storm by by changing the game”.

As a new client just wrote me excitedly, “I guess I am already opening myself to more possibilities”. This is the stuff that is going to make it all turn out okay.

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