How to make word of mouth work for you

We know that most business and most jobs come from connections.  So it is much to be desired that your friends and colleagues and clients tell their connections about your value and what you can do for them. 

In fact since valuable information is a premier form of currency, in business and socially, people actually like to pass it on.  It gives them credit, it aggrandizes them as someone in the know.  They get points for good leads. 

So do them a favor and make it easy for them.  Give them guidance in what they say about you.  Give them the words, the value statement, the anecdotes, that will make them eager to pass it on.  But you won’t be saying to them directly “Here’s what you should say when you talk about my business.”  You will be talking about yourself and your work in such a way that it becomes clear to them how they will talk about you.  They will have loved the story you told them – that carefully chosen story that underscores your capabilities.  They will have loved it so much that they will tell it over and over again.  Because it makes them seem – yes – in the know.