How much can you do yourself?

How much can one person do? Not everything, that is for sure. Your time is limited � so you had better make every bit of it count. I’ll bet you are filling big chunks of your day with things you can easily have someone else take care of. I know it’s fun – and even sometimes it’s good for you – to do those simple things that need no inspiration and that stay done when you are through. But now and again is fine. I suggest that each evening for the next few days you review your own personal timesheet (real or mental) and see what you have done that day that you could, with the minimum of effort, have one of your staff take care of so you would be able to do the real work.

What are the most important things that you bring to the company? Creative and intellectual skills: certainly. Marketing know-how and experience: hopefully. Business chops: sure – you got this far, right? Are these the things that you are using each day? For too many people, those instant gratification tasks like balancing the checkbook and fixing the coffee pot seem just so much easier and more fun – and then the day is gone.

But the real and lasting fun is in designing and implementing the bigger picture. Use a logic model. Know what your goals are. Identify the steps that will get you to that goal. Identify the people and resources you have to help you. And make the best use of your time.