How to clear up those nagging but important issues

There are things undone that hang over my head. And I know I am not alone in this. The items tend to be rather vague: I should be advancing this ball; starting that business; I need to repair an important relationship; or get my marketing in order;  fire this staffer, encourage that one.

These are real issues but because they are just floating in the “stuff-that-needs-to-be-addressed”  folder in my brain then they can build up and seem bigger and more problematical than they might actually be. But the truth is I may not have thought them through properly yet.

I am not going to tell you to put them on a to-do list so you can walk away thinking it’s taken care of.  I am going to suggest that you write them down along with a summary of the steps that are needed to start moving them forwards. The act of writing things down is often miraculous. It clears away the inexactitudes and forces you to crystallize how you will tackle it.  It makes concrete what had been just fog.  By all means start with stream of consciousness. But then go back in and edit to make things even clearer. Channel Ernest Hemingway and use short powerful sentences. Be positive – not negative. Then re-read again and see if things didn’t become that much clearer. Break the steps down so each one is easy to tackle.  Pick times for getting started and put the steps on your calendar.  Now you are on the case – so you can delete that pesky brain folder with all those vague worries in it.