How we work

We look at the big picture

What do you do now? What would you like to do? What do you hope for? What choices have occurred to you? What are your unspoken hopes and fears? What’s going on in the outside world?

We analyze your current situation
We look at people, systems and ideas. How does it all work? How might it all work? What are people thinking? We ask lots of questions, from bottom to top of your organization and discreetly in the marketplace. With your permission we’ll even talk to your clients. This could be one person or a hundred – whatever makes sense.

We tell you what we discovered and what it means
We’ll tell you what are your strengths and what is holding you back, what are the opportunities and what are the threats that need to be considered. We will address existing and future capabilities, people and systems as well as new opportunities.

Together we will decide which way is forward

We’ll discuss the results and analysis with you and your key players and explore any further questions that may arise. Opportunities are reviewed and discussed for further exploration. Together we’ll decide how to proceed.

We’ll help to enlist and empower your team

The whole team must be energized about the new direction and feel empowered to join in and support it. We can help you do this one-on-one or we can facilitate group meetings. We’ll lay out specific action plans for everyone concerned and help them to understand how they will benefit from working to achieve the vision.

We’ll establish measures of success
Milestones will be agreed on. Unless we have milestones and goals we can’t measure our success. If we can’t measure our success, we have no way of knowing if the plan needs fine-tuning. We will help to set up objective ways to know how your creative business is doing