Get out there and meet up

I can’t emphasize enough the value of getting out and meeting new people who work in your field and in related fields.  And in today’s digital media and creative businesses, every field is related.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been to events for professionals working in digital, media, graphic design, advertising film production, PR, industrial design and to an art opening where large canvases were selling like hot cakes.

These events are not hard to find in the larger media cities, but even in smaller centers they exist. (If you can’t find one, hold your own.)  You’ll find like-minded curious creative professionals to share ideas and to learn from; and you’ll discover new channels and venues for what you do that you never dreamed of.

These experiences will make you smarter and your LinkedIn connection list will grow, with all the potential that entails.

This is one important way you can be proactive in developing your own career; for more ways, see this month’s Sparkings.  Also in this Sparkings, some thoughts on how to implement change with creative professionals and more answers to career questions
from Cynopsis readers.

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