Inspirational People – an Election Antidote

I’ve been distracted by the news in recent days. I thought I’d look for positive inspiration in the stories of amazing people who have done admirable things.

Here are the faces of some people who are worthy of our deep respect. You will recognize many, but perhaps not all of them.  Their names are below. I leave it to you to discover their stories – the Internet will help you.

Be inspired by them all, and please do send me more candidates for inclusion.


Rosa Parks Florence Nightingale Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Elizabeth Blackwell Rosalind Franklin Clara Barton
Gloria Steinem Abigail Adams Nelly Bly
Molly Ludwig Hayes Winona La Duke Jane Jacobs
Gertrude Bell Elion Sandra Day O’Connor Wendy Kopp
Vicki Hanson Edith Clark Shirley Chisholm
Maya Angelou Coco Chanel Françoise Barré-Sinoussi
Dorothy Hodgkin Marian Anderson Emmeline Pankhurst
George Sand Marie Stopes Harriet Tubman
Margaret Sanger Noor Inyat Khan Eleanor Roosevelt
Lee Miller Mary Cassatt Hannah Senesh
Sgt Leigh Ann Hester Frida Kahlo Dorothea Lange
Boudicca Marie Curie Malala Yousafzai
Amelia Earhart