Interesting staff are good for business

I was talking last night to Roger, a very talented man who designs those high-end terraces and roof gardens for those people in Manhattan who have very much more money than we can imagine.

He not only designs them, but his team installs and maintains them. So he is responsible for a team that has to carry sacks of dirt and trees past the Monets and Picassos and over the $500,000 rugs that fill his clients’ apartments – without leaving a trace.

Roger himself is a fascinating and charming person, a former actor and theater designer. And his team is made up of kindred spirits: actors and designers and writers and photographers – all exquisitely good at what they are doing, and all interesting people in their own right.

And that is what makes a huge difference, Roger told me. When the competition comes to do the terrace the clients feel they have to get out of the way – their guys are strong competent workers – and that is all. But when Roger’s people are there, the clients love to talk to them. They can talk about art and theater, politics and music. Clients love this and they look forward to their gardeners’ visits.