Job searches are hard

I received this response to the Q+A piece about the value of mass mailing a resume.  I post it here, along with my response, and welcome your thoughts.

I read your response to a woman today on Cynopsis who asked about mass mailing since she’s not had much luck trying all things suggested in a job search. Your response was not to and then suggested maybe she wasn’t doing x y or z. I got so angry when I read that. Naturally, you assume it must be something she isn’t doing. Well, take it from someone else who has exhausted her network, done all that is suggested and is constantly reevaluating what else she can do? Well, after 8 months of hard work and no returns, I’m all out of ideas too. She should send the damn mass mailing and maybe, just maybe something will stick. Keep in mind people are holding onto their jobs with both hands, and companies aren’t creating jobs. And for every job are tons qualified applicants. It’s not been this bad since the 1930’s I believe. For those with jobs, you really don’t know how hard it is out here. WE ARE DOING EVERYTHING. So don’t assume we aren’t.

Here is my response:

Thanks so much for your heartfelt email – I am so sorry my response made you angry.

There is no question that this is a tough environment, but I have seen wonderful things happen when people tweak or focus the way they present themselves.   I had a note from a client last week that said that as a result of our work together  “I was able to see that I have way more interesting skills/experience than what is outlined on my resume.”  My intent is to help people who ask for advice, and others who are interested, to think of some alternative ways to tackle this difficult situation.  After all if what they have done so far is not working, perhaps either the problem or the solution can be reframed to lead to a different result.

This alone may not be enough, but this fresh thinking may open up a whole new set of opportunities and perhaps even suggest a different list for that mass mailing.  

I wish you all the very best in your search