My kind of selfie: a nice testimonial



This summer I had the pleasure and privilege of helping a fine London animation company to focus its approach to the US market.  When we were done, I asked if they were happy with the project and would consider writing a testimonial.  This is what I received in return.  

“Having had the pleasure of working together with Michael recently, I can only say that he has brought both imagination, clarity and empowering solutions to BeAnimation. His ability to understand and address the complicated aspirations of our company in it’s overall goal to renew our relationship with the US market is both eye opening and exciting.His workshops and his bespoke approach to our individual needs has helped enormously in reaching the type of conclusions that will help us to not lose focus on our desire to develop and build our business in the US.
He really stands out from the competition.”Nice. Thank you. That’s why I do this.