Know what you do best

When you want a great pizza you go to the best pizza parlor. When you want a good steak you know where to go. That great steak and the great pizza are certainly not found in the same place.

Your clients view you the same way. They are looking for the best of something in particular. So you have to make choices and be clear when you express them. Emphasize your strengths and be clear about the value you offer. Decide how broad or specific your niche is. (are you Target or Some of this decision will depend on your what you like doing and what you’re good at. But a big piece of it must depend on a good understanding of how your client thinks when he/she’s buying. If you don’t know how or what your client is thinking, then finding that out is your Marketing Job One.

At Pollock Spark we say we serve “leaders of creative businesses, large and small”. Is this too broad? Too narrow? We’ve helped partnerships made up of creatives and business guys. We’ve helped film directors and film editors where the company is just one person. What they all have in common is that they are creatively driven businesses. What do you think?