Let the crowd be the judge of your personality. Why not?


This hive centric, flattened leadership led me to be concerned that we might be losing the critical value of having a mix of different personalities, backgrounds and experiences for generating creative ideas and innovation.  The hive might just favor its own sort and create a homogeneous community.

But wait: someone very smart has developed an app called Knozen which crowd sources views on people’s personality traits. Is John more assertive than Jane?  Is Fred more empathetic than Justin. Is Brianna more analytical than Christina?  Yes it’s gamified – it’s like Hot or Not: choose A or B.  For each answer you give, you find out what percentage of respondents agreed with your judgement.  Ultimately a running tally of each individual’s attributes is presented.  You can see perhaps that you are more assertive and empathetic and less analytical or collaborative.  Much like the Myers  Briggs results – but created easily by a bunch of people who know you.  This will become a very nice data point for hirers to lean on when they are building their hives.  They can craft the relationships and teams that support their particular need and culture.  More data driven, more outgoing, more empathetic and so on.  

The data can also be used to target the version of the ad that will appeal to me – more concrete fact-driven, or more emotional pull, depending on the priorities shown my attribute set – as judged by my co-workers and monetized by advertisers and recruiters.  Wheee.

Does it remind you of anything?  Here’s a hint: