Looking for a job

Q. I am looking for a job in the marketing business and I’ve been interviewing. I am 30 and I’ve had a lot of corporate marketing and consulting experience. In five years I want to run my own integrated marketing shop. It’s going to… (Ed: I cut the rest, suffice it to say that this lady has a vision.)

A. I say, “Why wait”. Forget looking for a job, you’ve already found one. You have a vision. You have a plan – or at least the beginnings of one. You are way ahead of a lot of people who already started their own business. Flesh out your plan. Be clear about what you offer. Get started. Find a client or two. Don’t waste time working for another marketing juggernaut (unless you are planning to go run a piece of their business and then steal it away). Most of what you learn from them at this stage will be the ins and outs of their particular corporate structure and craziness. Go for it. Let it be your own craziness that you have to work around.