Making the hard decisions

Can you spell procrastination, boys and girls?

On a daily basis there are decisions to be made when you are running a business. There are the easy decisions like whether to buy a new coffee machine and there are the hard decisions like – well you know which ones I mean.

The hard decisions get put off – and the unresolved issues fester. These unmade decisions can negatively affect everything that you are doing. I suggest you make these tough decisions ASAP. Make them first. Get them out of the way. You will never have all the information you need to make them perfectly so make it a priority to learn what is learnable and make the decision. If you can’t do it now, decide that you will make the decision on a date certain. Put it in your calendar. If you want to research in the meantime put that in your calendar too. Then stop worrying about it, because you know it will get taken care of – on the day you have chosen. What a relief!

Finally when you’ve made the decision, leave it made. Stand by it. Don’t second guess it. There are plenty more decisions to be made. Some you will make wrong, but most of them will be right. Don’t waste time revisiting the last one. It has been made. Move on.