Making your own luck

A well known film director told me a story about how lucky he was when he first came to New York and how this lucky break got his career off the ground.

I will try and tell it the way he told me. He found himself sitting at a gathering next to a man who was a biggie in the design and advertising world and he got talking to him and from that he got his first big job in NY. Wow, that was lucky wasn’t it!

So let’s just start to break that “lucky” moment down. This wasn’t just a magical karmic moment. He had done his homework. The gathering was an Art Directors Club meeting, he had made an informed choice to go to that meeting. And he had also done his homework on who was who in the business. So in fact he recognized this biggie and made sure to sit next to him. And he started the conversation. And he knew where this man worked and what he liked. So this “lucky” young man knew just how to present himself and what to say.

So there really was no luck involved. It was all carefully thought through, prepped and executed. He’s a famous director now. That isn’t just luck either.

Are we doing this for our companies and ourselves? Are we doing our homework? Are we making our own “luck”?